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Silk Plaster® is our Custom Venetian Plaster designed both as an alternative to paint, and to overcome the challenges of specifying lime-based Venetian Plaster on a large scale. It is our leading Whole-House decorative plaster veneer that enhances interior architecture bringing a refined atmosphere of natural depth, soft luminous color, and nuanced light without being dominating or trendy. Our proprietary Venetian plaster allows precise control of color, burnish and dimensional effect. As an alternative to paint, it is best appreciated in its magnitude bringing “materiality” to walls, solid-built character to a home, and allows interior architecture to breathe with a refinement that beckons to be touched.

“Imagine walking into a space… You look up through soft burnished walls to the ceilings and notice that light moves and morphs as you move, flowing and sometimes disappearing, giving a natural depth and living warmth with a feeling that you don’t want to leave.”

Silk Plaster® is a truly custom look because the surface is a uniquely sensitive register for the natural shifting and pooling of light through interior space, which is unique to every building. Its smooth burnished surface seems to gently emit light adding a soft natural depth and luminescence emulating the grace and tactile feel of silk. Our Custom Venetian Plaster has a range of burnish from flat to eggshell to pearl, appropriate to suit whole-house application and a range of lighting conditions. Its timeless beauty complements fine woods and stone, gives fine art an appropriate home, and brings wholeness to interiors essentially making everything else look better.

Silk Plaster® is a high-performance integral colored acrylic plaster veneer with limestone factors. It lies between paint and Venetian plaster as a very stable long-lasting natural finish unparalleled in the wall finishing industry. Our Whole-House Silk Plaster® carries a guarantee of invisible repair, and an unprecedented range of design/build benefits making our work indestructible and installations problem free.

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