Kingsmill Encaustic Decorative Plaster®

Kingsmill Encaustic Plaster® was developed for designers that wanted very unique plaster interior finishes and artistically designed decorative finishes for smaller areas. Our encaustic decorative plasters are beautifully smooth to uniquely textural and translucent wall finishes, with a wide range of color, detail and effect, moving from subtly shadowed plasters to the detailed complexity of fresco. With our custom plasters we can achieve subtle and complex interior finishes with layering of color, luminosity and form that can give extraordinary depth, visual texture and vibrancy. These custom decorative plasters offers range of styles from natural, ancient, romantic and understated to high tech, cutting edge and crisply tailored.

These custom decorative plasters were derived from classic Venetian plaster and ancient Greek encaustic wax techniques and like our other custom interior finishes they are designed to be durable, colorfast, crack resistant, water resistant, and easy to maintain and clean.

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