John Kingsmill

With a Keen Eye and a Practical Approach – for 20 years I have developed game-changing ways of enhancing interior architecture beyond paint. 

1.We address Consistency, Cost and Guaranteed Invisible Repair as solutions to the obstacles in specifying integral-colored and conventional Venetian plasters on a large scale. Our whole-house plaster finishes also serve as a versatile, durable and cost effective alternative to wall-coverings. As an investment, they can be competitive with gallery-level painted walls while delivering results of a much higher order.

2. We are design savvy. Our proven Needs Assessment Tools identify your preferences and link them to elements of design  such as color, pattern and light reflectance. When combined with the broad artistic flexibility of our proprietary plasters, we create spaces tailored to you.

3. Made with Endure Technology® our proprietary decorative plasters are much more practical than other plaster finishes in ten ways: 1.we have exceptional latitude in design 2.use cost-efficient installation methods 3.achieve precise control of effect and consistent results with teams of craftsmen 4.can seamlessly conform to any architectural detail 5. will not crack and are more stable than conventional decorative plasters and carry an unprecedented guarantee of invisible repair that: 6. allows for design changes 7. can easily correct damage from the building process 8. support builder installation/timelines  9. have a 20+ year life-cycle and 10. have easy pristine maintenance for the end user.