Designed to Out-Perform

Our  integral-colored plasters add natural depth, character and refinement to interior walls and ceilings through precise control of color, mottling, and burnish. They are designed for extensive areas as an alternative to paint  in fine modern and traditional homes, and solve the limitations of lime Venetian Plaster regarding consistent results, cost, and repair.

Made with Endure Technology®, our decorative plasters are more stable than conventional plasters and deliver a wide range of new design/build benefits including an unprecedented guarantee of invisible repair. They are crack resistant, exterior compliant, water resistant, abuse resilient, easy to maintain, and remain suitable to a space for years like floors.

Kingsmill plasters are not as hard-to-the touch as some Venetian Plasters, but are tough enough to be honed with 80 grit silicone carbide disks used for stone.

They have been developed alongside established manufacturers using advanced acrylics, ground marble, sand and additives. Our hand-crafted plasters are also developed by our artisans to ensure efficient and consistent application.



“Imagine…smooth burnished surfaces of depth, luminosity and materiality that add a solid-built  and refined presence.”



Total Performance  Venetian Plaster

In 2001 Europlaster® was born as a whole-house replacement for paint. In 2006 we developed Silk Plaster® to overcome the challenges of specifying lime-based Venetian plaster for entire interiors. In 2008 we developed Kingsmill Encaustic Plaster® to expand our decorative finishes for complex color work. In the process of product development we achieved an industry first in wall finishing – a guarantee of invisible repair along with a plethora of design benefits, that opened practical new ways to finish walls and ceilings of luxury homes.

Since 2001 we have completed over 70 whole-house contemporary and traditional luxury home commissions mainly in the San Diego area. Currently we are expanding into Los Angeles. We also work for our clients in New York, Boston, Dallas and Hawaii. Some designers, architects and builders call our work a game-changing solution to upgrading plain painted interiors.

Venetian Plaster Los Angeles
Decorative Plaster San Diego