John Kingsmill

John Kingsmill

John is a seasoned decorative artist and master craftsman with specific interest in color and light. He developed a line of proprietary acrylic Venetian Plasters as practical alternatives to ordinary paint and lime Venetian Plaster, for large scale application in luxury interiors. Elegant and value-driven, they offer inspiring new design/build solutions with an unprecedented guarantee of invisible repair.

John graduated with an Honor’s Arts degree in 1977 from Queens University in Canada, and then formed a decorating company by hiring 6 union painters for two very large painting projects. Over the course of 3 years he ‘learnt the trade’. By the early 1980’s he started exploring the decorative arts through classical training with three master craftsmen from England, Ritins Studio in Canada and two studios in the U.S.

He began securing significant commissions, and in 1990 was selected by the largest coatings manufacturer in Europe, Akzo Nobel, to be trained in Italy to introduce their Venetian plasters to the Canadian market. He attended the International Academy of Design in Toronto for one year to learn the basics of design and obtained certification in color design and color psychology at the Eiseman Institute.

In 1994 he pooled his experience and education and established the Kingsmill Company specializing in decorative plaster finishes. In 1998 he received the largest commission challenge of his life – a massive $400,000 decorative plaster project in Boston. At the same time, one of his interior finishes projects was featured on Canadian national television.

In 1998 John moved to Southern California and discovered the exquisite estate homes of Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla. He saw their “interior architecture as art” and that the A&D industry did not have a practical solution beyond paint, for finishing extensive walls and ceilings of these luxury homes. He wanted to honor and enhance the interior architecture of entire homes with a refined beauty, luminosity, warmth, depth and solid-built strength that would complement refined décor and design elements, without being dominating or trendy.

John saw colored decorative plaster veneers as the perfect solution to achieve the sophisticated character he was after. In 2001 he developed his first fully functional whole-house plaster completing a 13,000 ft2 and 26,000 ft2 interior. Since then, over 65 whole-house commissions have been completed alongside many smaller sized projects.