John Kingsmill

John Kingsmill

I am a seasoned decorative artist, master craftsman, and accredited color psychologist. Through my passion for beauty I choose to specialize in colored plasters as artistically pliable mediums to enhance interior architecture with light-play, depth and color. With interior architecture as a canvas our plasters add refined presence, warmth and a feeling of well-being to interior environments. read more

As a child I witnessed my mothers joy when she was decorating and the changed feelings in our house when painters and paperhangers were complete.With our needs assessment survey we learn about our client which we then translate into design terms to help create an environment that suits them.

I perfected my own practical blends of modern “whole house” Venetian  plaster finishes to overcome the hurdles of  artistic flexibility, efficiency, and consistency with a landmark guarantee of invisible repair . 

Kingsmill Artisan Plasters are designed for fine homes as an alternative to paint. They are more stable than conventional Venetian plasters allowing for: cost-efficient installation on large projects; consistent results over large areas with multiple artisans; flexible design/build changes; easy maintenance and a pristine look lasting many years.We have completed more than 70 whole-house commissions and many smaller projects since 2001.