Interior Walls of Uncommon Beauty


Transform your living environment with walls of depth, warmth, and elegant light play to bring a unique and refined presence to your home. As decorative artists we work with materials, space, and light to bring life to the architectural shell. Our hand-troweled plaster finishes have a refined feel; become an integral part of the building the way floors do; and co-ordinate with other fine design elements including fine art, making everything look better.

Investment value is built-in with our Made with Endure Technology® , which allows us to bring a unique   Guarantee of Invisible Repair, and an unmatched nine point Total Performance Advantage

Unique whole-house alternative to paint. Kingsmill Architectural Plasters were developed as a practical way to elevate luxury interiors to their full potential and overcome the hurdles of consistency, cost, and invisible repair.  For 22 years our walls of uncommon beauty, competitive pricing, and lasting value have allowed us to complete over 95 whole-house commissions, and many smaller projects of all styles. We have numerous high profile clients, from Manhattan to Beverly Hills, and La Jolla to Hawaii including a Mies van der Rohe remodel.

                         “The details are not the details. They make the design.”    Charles Eames 

Warms the Contemporary ... Complements Natural Elements ... Suits the Traditional

"Living" Architectural Finishes

Architecture may be understood as designing a building and its openings “to capture light”. Our architectural plaster finishes act as a sensitive register for light so that together with their hand-troweled nature, they create a seamless “living finish” of quietly shifting light and depth with an organic solid-built feel.  

After lighting, walls and ceilings have the single greatest influence in affecting the feel of your living environment. They surround you occupying 70% of the visual field .


“Imagine walking through a space…light emits from below the surfaces or hovers over, flowing and sometimes disappearing, giving natural depth, texture and living warmth  with a refined presence that invites you to stay.


                            We are design savvy 

Our proven Needs Assessment Tools identify your preferences and link them to elements of design and devices of composition such as color, value, pattern, line, light reflectance and color accuracy. When combined with the broad artistic flexibility of our proprietary plasters, we create spaces tailored to you.

As decorative artists we have developed a  range of plasters including Watered-Silk Plaster®, Encaustic Plaster®, Pieterra Plaster, Hewn Metallic Plaster, “Ivory” Plaster , Imperial style plaster, Europlaster® – for styles from contemporary to traditional, and formal to relaxed.





Architectural finishes San Diego


Establishes Custom Interior Finishing Objectives


Guides Decorative Plaster Finishes


Co-ordinates Meticulous Plaster Application


Ensures Custom Plaster Longevity

I highly recommend you and your company.

~Richard Manion – Richard Manion Architecture Inc.

I was thrilled to discover Kingsmill Plastering.

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I love using [Kingsmill] Silk Plaster throughout our client’s homes.

~Pamela Smith – Pamela Smith Interiors