Interior Walls of Uncommon Beauty

There is more than one way to paint a house. How? Well, without paint. Confused? Enter Kingsmill Fine Plasters. An entire home can be dramatically enhanced using our proprietary Whole-House Custom Venetian plaster and decorative plaster finishes, not paint, to create a whole new living space. Our craftsmanship complements and contributes an integrated quality to the interior environment adding natural depth, luminous color and solid-built quality co-coordinating with fine decor without being dominating or trendy. After all, walls and ceiling surround you and are what you see the most.

Our state-of-the-art whole-house plasters were developed to be refined and practical decorative finishes, as alternatives to plain paint for interiors of fine homes of any size. Made with Endure Technology®, our custom plaster finishes are unique for every space, have consistent results using many craftspeople, and include a plethora of design-build benefits including a guarantee of invisible repair  for a pristine look lasting many years.

We Don’t Paint Homes, We Bring Them to Life

An entire home can be dramatically enhanced.

If you own a luxury home and want to give it refined character it won’t get from regular paint then call Kingsmill and let our skilled plaster artisans give your home a brand-new life. There are many ways to make an old house more vibrant or give a new house more personality and Kingsmill will design and install custom interior finishes that suit you and your home.

Our interior finishing company always keeps in mind the overall experience of our clients. It is important that not only our clients are happy with the work we do, but they are also happy with the way in which we do it maintaining respect for their homes they have invited us into. Transforming your luxury home into a work of art with custom decorative plaster would seem a daunting task to most but that is what we are all about. We have completed more than 60 luxury and estate homes with our proprietary whole-house custom Venetian plaster and decorative plasters.

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Establishes Custom Interior Finishing Objectives


Guides Decorative Plaster Finishes


Co-ordinates Meticulous Plaster Application


Ensures Custom Plaster Longevity